The Peoples Of The World And The Holy Land

747.01Remark: If we turn to history, the people of Israel were created on an ideological basis from dozens of tribes of Ancient Babylon. Therefore, Israel is those who have a desire for spiritual attainment.

My Comment: This is true, but not only them. There are even people who have absolutely nothing to do with Israel, with the Jews, with our ancient stones, and still they experience a special feeling when they come to this land.

The fact is that we are all fragments of a broken soul called Adam, which was once one. It is a spiritual structure that contains absolutely all the peoples of the world, all people without exception, wherever they are, wherever they live.

Since all of humanity is constantly evolving, people, even those who are still at a rather primitive level of development in their small, closed societies, still begin to feel that some special phenomena are happening in this place in the world, and they are drawn here.

These may be people from the depths of Africa, Australia, or Oceania who have never encountered Jews or heard anything about Israel. But suddenly, something pulls them here, and they come.
From KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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