Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/2/20

632.3Question: What is not worth wasting your time on?

Answer: On unnecessary things.

Question: Can I learn how to manage my time?

Answer: Yes, if you systematically assess possibilities correctly.

Question: Wouldn’t it take too much time to learn time management?

Answer: No. This goes in parallel.

Question: Do I need to set aside time for thoughts, to sit, to meditate? Or is it inseparably linked to actions?

Answer: Things like meditation are foreign to me. I can sit over Kabbalistic sources. But just sitting and meditating, I do not understand it. There must be a direction that is given to the animal body in order for it to begin to rise above itself.

Question: People in love measure time one way, prison inmates in another. In youth, time passes slowly, in old age it just leaps. Why?

Answer: This is a sensation. There is no such thing as time. It manifests itself only in our feelings, like this whole world in general.

Question: The most beautiful woman under the brush of time turns into an old woman. Why does time destroy beauty?

Answer: This is subjective. It depends on what kind of beauty you are looking at. If you live near people for a long time, you do not notice how they age. Although, of course, all this is natural. The problem is that we give certain standards to external, physical beauty and do not connect it with internal beauty.

Question: What is time? How would you define it?

Answer: Time is the inner feeling of each of us.

Question: It is said that happy people do not look at the clock. Why does time fly at an unprecedented speed for happy people?

Answer: Because when they get pleasure, they forget that time is transitory. If a person enjoys, he does not notice how time passes.

Question: Is it true that time kills love?

Answer: Time kills everything! Absolutely everything! If we do not renew our impressions, they disappear.

Question: Do you think that time changes people? Even if a person is not engaged in self-realization?

Answer: Yes, of course. The time factor itself changes a person. This is called changing Reshimot (spiritual information data).

Question: When did time appear, and is there a place where it does not exist?

Answer: Time does not exist at all, except that we feel it.

Question: Is there time without a person?

Answer: No, without a person nothing exists. Everything that exists is what a person perceives.

Question: Is time an absolute or relative value?

Answer: It is absolutely relative. That is, only relative.

Question: Is it possible to teleport in time?

Answer: Since time as such does not exist and it is only purely our perception of the universe, life, and ourselves, then teleportation does not exist.

Question: Does time have secrets?

Answer: I do not understand this question. What do time’s secrets mean? If there is no time as such and it is purely a subjective feeling of a person, then the solution of this subjectivity is the disclosure of the secrets.

Question: Is it possible to stop time?

Answer: No problem. If you rise above time, then you will stop it for yourself.

Question: Is time man’s helper or his enemy?

Answer: It depends on how you look at it. If you start measuring yourself relative to the time, then it is a helper.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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