Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/25/20

278.03Question: What is the best way to start personal growth? What will help us start improving?

Answer: It is necessary to identify what I am really drawn to and not what is a consequence of being in a certain environment that instilled its values in me. I must find out what I am personally yearning for.

Question: Are there concepts of “early” or “late” in self-development?

Answer: Of course. Preferably sooner rather than later. But in any case, I will have to realize myself.

Question: What is self-realization for you?

Answer: Knowledge of your soul and its full realization.

Question: What is the difference between self-realization and the satisfaction of needs?

Answer: Satisfaction of needs is an animalistic existence, and self-realization is attaining equivalence to the Creator.

Question: At what age did you begin to seriously engage in self-realization and self-development?

Answer: I think it was only after I found my teacher, Rabash, when I was already 33 years old.

Question: How should one decide who to be, how to earn one’s living?

Answer: It does not matter what your occupation is. We come to this world not to somehow earn our living and realize ourselves within its framework, but to realize ourselves in relation to the Creator.

Question: Where can we find motivation for change and personal growth?

Answer: The environment. It is said that envy, jealousy, and desire for honor pull a person out of all states.

Question: What is more effective for personal growth: forcing yourself to leave your comfort zone or, to the contrary, listening to yourself and doing what you want?

Answer: Neither. It is imperative to enter the environment that will take you to the next level of development.

Question: How important is positive thinking for personal development?

Answer: In general, it is important. But at the same time, one must understand that there is also a critical view of this.

Question: If your close environment has chosen the path absent of self-development, is it worth running away from them so as not to become the same as they are?

Answer: You should always look for an environment that would push you forward.

Question: Why am I not applying what I know? Why are we made this way? What is stopping us?

Answer: It is the egoistic desire to hide so that I would not be in any way humiliated or defeated. We are hindered by the fear of losing some small egoistic obstacles if we engage in a higher purpose.

Question: How do we make sure that doubt and uncertainty do not hinder but help us grow and develop?

Answer: You must be very confident of yourself and, undoubtedly, aware of your strengths and capabilities to achieve the highest goal.

Question: How do you react to obstacles preventing you from reaching your goal?

Answer: I am sure that I can somehow get around them if I correctly check my goal and myself.

Question: What life achievements are related to self-realization?

Answer: Arrange the entire pyramid of needs correctly, and you will see how much simpler everything becomes.

Question: Is there a difference in self-realization of a man and a woman?

Answer: Yes. But it is the same with every man and every woman.

Question: A person has all his potential from the very beginning. You just need to start studying and discovering it. And this can only be done through the environment. Is this the technique of personal growth?

Answer: It all depends on the environment. Therefore, we must try with all our might to create the right society around us.

Question: Do you think that all psychological methods, when a person works on himself in order to improve his qualities, do not relate to realizing himself as human? Only in the right environment he can become human?

Answer: The psychological method is good until the level of similarity to the Creator is reached. And in our time, it will no longer work.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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