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937Question: Over four thousand years of the history of the development of the people of Israel, it has been noted in various sources that the root of this nation is its unity. And if there is no unity, then another law is put in action, anti-Semitism.

For example, in the book The Light and the Sun it is written: “When there is love, friendship and unity in Israel, no calamity can happen to them, and all curses and torments are pushed away.”

Why did the sages write about this for thousands of years, but they never managed to unite the people?

Answer: The sages were trying to do it all the time. From generation to generation, they not only tried to bring people closer together, but even succeeded in this, teaching people to be closer to each other.

But in parallel with this, egoism was constantly developing in us. This is the history of humanity, when egoism is growing all the time, dividing people. Therefore, we received an instruction, which is called “Mitzvah” (from the word “Tsivui” – “instruction”) to realize rapprochement with each other, up to the achievement of absolute love, complete unity in thoughts and hearts.

Throughout history we have been trying to do this, but so far egoism continues to develop in us, and in this it overtakes us.

Comment: People really tried to unite, but they did not succeed.

My Response: It should be so. The sages wrote that this should begin only with a spiritual upheaval, with the revelation of Kabbalah to the people of Israel.

And this revelation took place in the 16th century through the Ari, the great Kabbalist, who revealed the Kabbalistic method to us and described it in his books. We study from them. After the Ari, the Kabbalists, mainly the Baal Shem Tov and his disciples, continued his work.

Studying the books of the Ari, we begin to understand how the spiritual system is built, and what our work should be in order to bring this system into a corrected state. This is a system of worlds, a system of souls in which we exist, although we do not feel it.

Comment: Five hundred years have passed since the time of the Ari, but we do not see any significant changes.

My Response: The fact is that all spiritual properties, qualities, laws, and forces gradually descend into our world, and only in our time do we see how they all begin to manifest themselves.

Today we live in a world in which egoism is openly manifested as a destructive force. People are beginning to understand that they are in a huge breakage, in rejection from each other. And this is a manifestation of such egoism and now is the time to correct it.

But humanity does not know how to do this. In front of us is some kind of evil fate, which can do anything with us, and we are absolutely helpless. And here the science of Kabbalah is revealed, which begins to openly say: “I have the opportunity to correct all this if only you listen.”
From KabTV’s “The Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/9/19

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