Wish The Creator A Good Year!

293.1First of all, I must press “Delete” on all my claims against my friends because it was not them who acted badly toward me, but the Creator. Instead of my friends, I must see the Creator who is hiding behind them and teasing me on purpose.

The Creator is standing behind each friend encouraging him to do something that I condemn. Therefore, I erase all my claims against my friends, and I see only the Creator who has pushed them to these actions.

And therefore, I apologize to my friends for thinking they were bad. It was not them at all, but the Creator who awakened the evil inclination in them and has done everything.

But I have no claims against the Creator either because “there is none else besides Him, who is good and does good.” I I feel bad, it indicates that within myself I turn all His good into evil.

I am now in the world of infinity, in the Garden of Eden (paradise), and you too! Why on earth do we feel hell instead of paradise? It is because we perceive this paradise in our corrupted Kelim. How can I fix them? The Creator has given me the opportunity to check myself in relation to my friends. If I love them, then I have corrected my attitude toward my neighbor.

We ask the Creator to help us achieve good unity between us in order to please Him. We want to wish Him a good year! A good year means that we have made a good change, that is, we have prepared a place for the Creator to reveal in order to express our love and unity. And so we wish the Creator: “Have a good year!”

Try to wish the Creator a good year through your connection. And then He will be revealed in Rosh HaShanah as the king who has done all this. We are His creations, and He unites us together and rejoices in us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/20, “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness)”

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