Whom To Ask For Forgiveness And For What? Part 4

laitman_236_01Question: On the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), there is a custom to pray and ask for forgiveness for all the sins you have committed. Can we, indeed, receive such forgiveness from above?

Answer: This calculation is not with some kind of deity that watches us from above, but with the common system of nature, where we exist. A person must bring this system to the absolutely perfect form with respect to himself so that everybody in it is connected and receives through him a force of goodness that fills everyone. Each one must do so: any man and woman.

The only way to correct our sins is to move forward and correct the past through this advancement. There is no need to eat at yourself about past sins, we must always look forward. Everything I’ve done until today wasn’t done by me, but rather because the program of nature was unfolding this way.

However, my innocence for the past crimes doesn’t relieve me from the obligation to correct them. After all, the problem exists! Therefore the Creator tells us that He created the evil inclination, and every day this action of creation is updated; in other words, this evil is renewed every day.

He himself confirms that everything we did until present day is recorded on his account. But the state we are in today,  we need to correct ourselves. Nobody blames us for the past; however, we must repay our debt.

Question: Then what does it mean that transgressions can be in relation to the friend and in relation to the Creator?

Answer: Asking friends for forgiveness for transgression means to scrutinize and correct our relationships with everyone, one after another, point by point. And if I relate to the system in general, in the integral form, addressing its common quality, called the Creator or “come and see,” then I make a calculation with respect to Him. After all, I created this “place” and corrected it.

To ask the Creator for forgiveness means to ask everybody together for forgiveness. Then I discover that there is a force within them that connects everyone. And if I caused this, it means I reached full repentance.

If in the connection with others I connect with the Creator, then my plea for forgiveness was accepted. The Creator fills the system that I have constructed and it becomes me.

Connection with other people is what leads us to the connection with the upper force, the plea for forgiveness from everyone is the repentance before the Creator, and the blessing of everyone is the blessing of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/27/16

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