Schools Will Have A Unified World Exam

632.4Question: A quote from a mother of four children went viral on the Internet: “If the coronavirus does not kill us, then virtual education will.”

Why did she say that?—Educational institutions were closed for one and a half billion students, the rest will be closed one way or another. About 50% of these children do not have access to a home computer, 43% do not even have Internet connection. In third world countries, 80% cannot study remotely.

We keep saying that this is the future, that this is how everything will develop. How can those children for whom it is not available be provided for?

Answer: There will be one computer for ten families—it does not matter. But all the same, gradually it will be so.

Question: Do you still think this is the future?

Answer: Undoubtedly. People need to get used to virtual education. Moreover, somewhere in Africa, it is not known what kind of teacher teaches them and what they are being taught.

It should be a very clear system, a virtual network that will lead humanity to unity. Any child in any country will begin to receive training and educational teaching in accordance with the general program. He will study what everyone is studying. Worldwide!

Can you imagine what this will lead to?! People will begin to understand each other, will be spiritually connected with each other.

Question: This unified educational and training system will connect them. As a result, one might ask, will one language appear?

Answer: Of course. In the end, yes. But this is not so important.

Question: Do you think that there are no different mentalities: for African children—one thing, for American—another, etc.?

Answer: There is no more mentalities today. Practically all of this has long been broken.

Question: Will this virtual training and educational program be aimed specifically at connection?

Answer: For consolidation, unification, fusion in the mind, in feelings, in forces, in everything, in all subjects of study. All children will learn the same thing. There will be a single world exam. This is a new level.

Remark: After your words, I want to start thinking about these children that they have a computer, that they have everything. It is necessary for leaders to have this thinking. Not only among leaders, but among people too.

My Comment: What is the problem with having one computer for 10 children? Let these billionaires fork it out and that is it.

Remark: There is one problem here, there is no such training and educational program you are talking about.

My Comment: There is such a program! Let there be computers everywhere, and let us start studying.

Remark: What you said is important. That is, the main, constant goal is only to connect.

My Comment: Children must begin to absorb through all sciences, examples, through everything, that the world is a single force.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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