Health And Medicine, Part 9

281.02Question: What is the healthiest food?

Answer: It is food optimal in terms of quantity.

Question: What is the most optimal physical activity for human health?

Answer: One that makes a person feel cheerful.

Question: Do you think humor can be used to prevent disease?

Answer: Up to a point.

Question: Do you believe that you can get rid of addictions such as food, drugs?

Answer: Only with the help of a good environment.

Question: Why are there so many types of diseases? Why such variety?

Answer: Because man is a many-sided, diverse being.

Question: Can unfulfilled desires cause stress and illness?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it correct to say that there is a sound mind in a sound body?

Answer: And vice versa.

Question: In the future, when we live in harmony with nature, what will people die from?

Answer: People will not die. They will feel like they exist forever if we truly reach harmony with nature!

Question: Can we assume that we humans, all nine billion, are viruses inside some higher being?

Answer: We are not viruses. We are part of a huge system called the universe.

Question: If you think less about yourself and think more about your neighbor, can you prevent diseases this way?

Answer: Yes, we can prevent absolutely everything!
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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