Health And Medicine, Part 8

751.1Maintain Homeostasis with Nature

Question: Why is it not enough just to be in harmony with nature and society and thereby ensure good health? Why do you still need to take care of your body, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and so on?

Answer: Naturally you need that. Who will support your physiological system if not you? You are a biological machine! Therefore, you must maintain biological homeostasis with nature.

Question: Yes, but my physical body is a consequence of my desires, thoughts, and psyche. Is this related?

Answer: So work on your desires and psyche so that you automatically have the right relationship with the surrounding nature to keep you in balance with it.

Question: And then I will achieve harmony at the level of the psyche?

Answer: To do this you must perceive the world around you as a global system with which you have absolute communication.

Question: Then you no longer need to engage in the body and do physical exercises?

Answer: You will perform certain exercises, take this or that form of life, based on your properties.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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