Confidence In Truth Will Work

762.2Question: The crew of an Argentine ship were tested for the coronavirus. The results were negative and they did everything as required. The crew quarantined themselves for two weeks before setting sail. During the voyage, they did not come in contact with other people and after several weeks at sea some of the crew members fell ill, the ship returned to port, and almost all of them were sick with coronavirus. What happened on the ship?

Answer: Nothing happened. It is just that the virus is in the air.

Question: Could it have happened on the ship?

Answer: If they were all connected with each other by serious, strong ties, not just as a ship crew but more than that, then they would have defeated the virus.

This virus is clearly anti-egoistic. If this team was gathered by friendly ties and they wanted to be together as one man, the virus would not affect them.

If they wanted that, then their desire would have won out. It would’ve created a field around them that repels the virus.

Question: Does the virus find this hole, which is called “we are separated,” and enter through it?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What is the first thought that should come to a person who encounters some kind of a problem?

Answer: Where are my friends, comrades? “Where are my war buddies, my battle companions?” It is in this way that everything should operate.

Question: “So that they would help me,” this kind of thought?

Answer: In order for me to help them.

Question: Even despite the state I am in?

Answer: I only recover when I help them.

Question: Does it mean that the vector should be directed from me outward?

Answer: Yes. Even if I think about making them and not myself healthy, I really will be able to overcome any problem.

Question: What if each of the crew of the Argentine ship would have thought about the other, even when they got sick?

Answer: Then they all would’ve recovered quickly!

Question: If a person, despite the fact that he is ill and has the coronavirus, thinks about the other so that the other does not get sick, does he recover?

Answer: Yes. This is the test. This is confidence in the truth, in verity.

Question: Should they have confidence then that everything will work? Should it live within them?

Answer: Even if it does not. I am dying, but I will prove it, this is exactly what I want to demonstrate.

If I am thinking about the other, it cannot be that I will die. However, I am not doing this to avoid dying. That is, my confidence in this law, that if I do everything for the benefit of others, then I cannot in any way harm myself or others, is the highest. This is a law of nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/20/20

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