Can The Souls Give Birth To Each Other?

232.08Question: Can souls give birth to each other?

Answer: No. Human beings don’t give birth to each other either; it only seems that way to us. We don’t generate anything new, except for the condition of the appearance of a new image in our world.

This means that the forces already exist and they are ready to develop, so the development of a new body seemingly takes place through an individual, a certain person, male and female, but it is predetermined.

Question: Is a new third desire born when two desires unite in spirituality?

Answer: It is new in the connection between them and in their connection with the upper, as it says, “a man and a woman, Shechina is between them,” which means the appearance of the Creator. It is the force of the Creator that prompts the male and female individuals (spiritual forces) to be internally connected, determines their next phase of development, and what will generate from them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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