Become A Useful Element Of Society

284.03Question: Attracting people to work can be divided into three methods. The first is forced labor (slavery, serfdom). The second is economically forced labor for earning a livelihood. And the third is voluntary labor, at will, when a person, perhaps, does not need any means for existence.

According to the law passed by the UN, a person has the right to compulsory labor. There are countries in which people were even tried for parasitism. Do you think this is correct? If a person does not work, should the state oblige him to?

Answer: It depends on which state and at what time. But in principle, a person is obliged to work; otherwise, he will fall into the hands of society, which will have to take care of him.

A parasite will not be thrown away to die in a forest, to be devoured by wild animals. He must live in society, which means that it will take care of him. If there are a lot of such people-parasites, then we need to fight them. After all, we do not allow anyone to rule over us. Why should these people enjoy the fruits of our labor?

Question: That is, you are for parasitism to be punished by law?

Answer: I am for every person in society to go through a permanent system of education and upbringing, which do not stop until the end of his days. And based on the results of his upbringing, he himself would be drawn to being a useful element of society.

Question: The UN Declaration on Human Rights states that everyone has the right to work and to choose a workplace. Who should choose the job: a person himself or the society?

Answer: Society should educate a person so that he can see where he can be most useful to society. In addition, he must be under the authority of the society and act in accordance with it. That is, the society is primary and a person is secondary.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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