Jews Of America, Part 2

400The Failure of Religion to Unite the Jews

Question: In the middle of the 19th century, a large wave of emigration of Jews from Germany and Austria to America began. Their number in the country increased by several tens of thousands. They were divided here into “aborigines,” who were the Sephardim living in America for several hundred years, and “Germans,” who had just arrived.

The well-established Sephardic community did not accept German (Ashkenazi) immigrants. As the American writer Stephen Birmingham wrote: “The newer immigrants were poor, they needed baths, they worked as foot peddlers, they spoke with accents. They lacked the social status that the Jewish first families had achieved, the breeding, the education, yet they called themselves brethren. …They were an embarrassment. By the early 1800’s, they were threatening to fling the fabric of Jewish society in America apart, threatening the ‘tribal’ feeling that is at the heart of all feelings of Jewishness.”

How did it happen that one religion and common traditions could not unite people in one family?

Answer: Jews cannot unite through religion. This has never happened in history. On the contrary, their amazing religion separates them.

And this is natural, because the real religion is the science of Kabbalah, which says that one must rise above all differences, above one’s egoistic nature. Only in this case will you be what is called a Jew, that is, someone that unites all of humanity.

And if this beginning is not in a person, if he does not understand his true cosmic function of uniting everyone and everything, then he is separated from the rest. Therefore, there is a huge fragmentation and separation within one family of all against all. There is no nation more internally disunited than the Jews.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/18/19

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