A Person’s Duty

laitman_546.02Question: Is the reason for all our problems, from natural disasters to the coronavirus, the lack of balance in human society between the desire to receive from society and the desire to give?

Answer: Yes, human society violates itself and everything around it. If we really were in balance with each other, corrected, not selfish, if we balanced egoism with connection and love, we would see how all of nature would follow us.

Question: To balance these two tendencies in man is a whole science. Is this within man’s power?

Answer: This is a person’s duty. One must reveal all the laws of his and the surrounding nature and bring all this to an absolute, integral, full interaction. This is man’s task not only here and now, but in general, a cosmic task.
From the TV program “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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