Who Disrupts The Integral Connection In Nature?

Laitman_707Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: It is worthwhile taking some time to grasp such an important thing, meaning how we exist in the world as beings with a “self,” where each of us regards himself as a unique entity, acting on its own, independent of external, alien, and unknown forces, and in what this being—the self—becomes revealed to us.

We need to make great efforts and spend a lot of time in order to understand where we live, what affects us, and what we can do with ourselves. First, we need to deal with this problem, and then how to solve it.

It is true that there is a general connection among all the elements of reality before us, which abides by the law of causality, by way of cause and effect, moving forward. And as the whole, so is each item for itself, meaning that each and every creature in the world from the four types—still, vegetative, animate, and speaking—abides by the law of causality by way of cause and effect.

We are in a system that develops according to the law of cause and effect, a clear and accurate law, just like all of nature’s laws. We need to learn and observe them, and try to see how to implement them in practice in order to resemble them.

By learning and exploring the laws of nature, we begin to understand that we are completely opposite from them. By revealing the laws of nature, we see that there is absolute interdependence of all the different components in the system. The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature are absolutely tied to each other. Although it may seem to us that there is a struggle between them and mutual destruction, there is actually harmonious interdependence between them.

This is what we should speak about, discuss, and understand, but this is the situation. There is a precise clear integral connection between all the parts of nature. Only the human goes beyond this framework with his egoism.

The reason we are an exception to the integral nature is our ego. This is the reason we do whatever we like. We want to manage our lives by ourselves. How should we dim our “self” so that on our human level, we will also exist absolutely integrally like all of nature? This is the question that we need to ask and to scrutinize.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/17/19

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