The Hotel We Should Stay At

laitman_600.01Question: I am the owner of a small hotel in Quebec. Do you think I will have clients after the coronavirus, when everything returns to normal?

Answer: It is possible because Quebec, where you live, is a good place to relax, for self-reflection for young and old couples. People go there for special impressions of each other or of the surrounding nature. I myself would love to stay there with you.

Comment: But today the tourism business is a difficult industry for further development.

My Response: Over the past 20 to 30 years, tourism has developed to such an extent that it has become an industry sector. I know, because I myself flew a lot and traveled to different countries to meet with my students, not because I am interested in flights, although I also like to learn about new cities, a new world.

I do not think that this industry will recover very quickly because people will have more serious life needs. After all, tourism, including sports, is rather an indulgence for our earthly way of life. Of course, I wish all industries a quick recovery, but I think people will begin to perceive that they should fill themselves with other impressions.

We were created in order to engage in a relationship between ourselves so deep so as to discover the very inner strength of nature, the source of life. When we unite in good relations and rush toward each other in a good way, we find a common power between us that applies both to you and to me. This common force, which externally divides us into “yours” and “mine,” is one within us. It is called our Creator because it gives birth to us. Revealing it between us, we begin to feel in it that we are on a higher spiritual level.

The fact is that from the highest spiritual level down to our world, everything happens through an endless chain reaction: division, division, division. But if, on the contrary, we unite, unite, unite, then in the end we will reach one single higher force that has given birth to us and controls us. And then we enter the state of eternity, perfection.

We must achieve this state and settle in it. This will be that hotel, that real, eternal, perfect house in which we need to stay.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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