The Coronavirus Communist Plot

laitman_527.03Question: What should society be like? Should it be communist?

Answer: Yes, but not the kind of communism that was once in the former Soviet Union or that we read about from Karl Marx. It is a society of equal free people.

Nature demands us to be similar to the Creator. We cannot achieve similarity with the Creator by any other type of connection besides the one we call communism. But we are not talking about the kind of communism that was propagated in the Soviet Union, but of a totally different society of free, correctly interconnected people.

The most important thing is education. A lot was said about it in the Soviet Russia back in the day, but nobody did anything about it, it was all done for show. So, we, the global community, must organize education in a way that is congruent with nature. Not because it is good or bad, but because this is the only way we can protect ourselves from natural disasters and blows caused by our unreasonable behavior.

It is not that we pollute the environment. We see how quickly nature has begun to recover, even in the few weeks that we have shied a little from our reckless production and overproduction.

The most important thing is that nature will still force us to treat each other correctly, i.e., to feel like one common human community, not animal, but human. We cannot escape it.

I am sure that this virus will not just go away, although now they are saying that it is about to disappear. I do not believe so. I am telling you directly It seems to me that it will be months before we can start a normal life and return to normal in all the ways. Therefore, we have to think about how to achieve the right interaction. This is our only problem.

All of nature is an integral, enclosed system. As long as we, the people, do not correlate to it with our qualities or connections, nature will keep bringing us blow after blow, squeezing everything possible out of us. After all, the more advanced we are, the more it mocks us and forces us to react correctly to it and create kind, mutual human relations between us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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