Getting To Know Ourselves

laitman_627.1Question: What does self-realization mean for most people? What potential do they have for moral, cultural, and spiritual development? What can really be done?

Answer: First, we must understand that if we do not work with a man, he again turns into an animal because labor has made man out of a monkey. This is actually so.

But in our time, we are going, as it were , on the way back. Therefore, we need to create conditions for a person so that one can develop not in manufacturing new material objects to sell, buy, and do something with, but in the production of a spiritual complement to one’s limited, material life.

For this, it is necessary to organize all of humanity into groups in which we will teach them and they will develop not only in culture, music, and literature, but in attaining ourselves and building a society, i.e., human psychology and human society: how we can improve ourselves, what is the best condition for us, and so on.

Besides this, if people are interested in some exact sciences, then let them study this as well. Therefore, training should be our main occupation.
From KabTV’s “Unemployment Post-Coronavirus,” 5/30/20

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