Reach The Level Of The Director Of The World Theater

laitman_423.02There is a theater in front of us in which we all play. Imagine that we have to decode the first level that we are in today, what happens in the first act, and what do the characters do in it.

We understand that people around us are puppets and we do not want to take part in this show, not as extras and not as leading actors. We want to reach the level of the screenwriter because he conceived the scene or at least the level of the director.

If we reach the scriptwriter’s level through the level of the stage director, we will decode why the Creator has created everything the way it is, why this act is managed the way it is, what connects the characters and the actors, and why one act follows another in a certain sequence; then we will be worthy of ascending to the next level.

On the next level, everything will be totally different, but the plan is the same. We will reenter a certain world in which different forces operate, different heroes are present, a completely different situation exists, and nothing will resemble what preceded it.

What we see today in this world will not reappear again anywhere, just as it will not reappear on any level in the future, because on each level everything is totally new.

Thus gradually and consistently we will attain and adapt to all of the 125 spiritual levels. We will become acquainted with the thought of creation of the Creator, and we will partially discover His revelations, manifestations, and transformations until we attain the last level: His complete plan. Him.

Moving up the spiritual levels symbolizes the gradual attainment of the Creator as the director, the scriptwriter, and the producer of the whole universe who performs all the actions while everything else cannot move or do anything, on the inside or the outside, since only He moves and operates every atom, every molecule, every thought, and every desire, and arranges everything in its place.

The Creator or the light is a positive force field. With this force, He operates the global theatrical production for the purpose of actually raising us to the level of His attainment and, through this attainment, to resemble Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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