One Power: Nature/The Creator

Laitman_631.1Question: What is the point of calling for unification without mentioning the Creator if He is the only one who can connect people?

Answer: What is the point of talking about the Creator if no one believes in Him, doesn’t understand Him, and doesn’t know Him?

What does the Creator mean? All of our integral, interconnected nature in which we exist is the Creator. Or are you talking about nature with its integral, physical, exact mathematical laws? Or are you talking about the Creator as the highest power? Both concepts are identical.

The Creator isn’t some god who sits somewhere on a cloud, makes something up, and then creates it. The Creator is all of the enormous, eternal, perfect, and infinite nature, which includes all the worlds and all stages of the ascent of a man to these worlds.

Therefore, one doesn’t have to imagine Kabbalistic expressions in their earthly form. On the contrary, the nature or the Creator is one and the same all the time. Kabbalah doesn’t explain otherwise. Study Kabbalah and you will see how to relate to these forces.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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