No Loss, Only Gain

laitman_255Question: If we achieve mutual guarantee in a society and similarity of form with the Creator, will we not lose our freedom as individuals in such a society?

Answer: We will not lose anything because along the way we will see that we are absolutely not free. We are ruled by our egoism without it asking us anything, and it forces us to act as it wishes at any given time.

But if we realize that it is egoism that rules us, and rise above it, we can control it and by that control ourselves, our destiny.

And most importantly, we will begin to feel that we are not living in an egoistic animal body, but above it, and thus we will feel that we exist forever in a perfect space. We must come to this while we are still in this world. As it is said: “May you see your world in your lifetime.”

This is the role of Kabbalah—to give man the opportunity to rise above the animal nature to the human level. And man is someone who lives forever, outside of time. Time exists only in inanimate, vegetative, and animal organisms, but in the level of Adam there is no time. There, just like according to Einstein, everything goes into another dimension.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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