When You Disappear, You Are Found

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where am I found in the connection between us into one point of mutual guarantee? I do not find myself there! Where are my characteristics and tastes? Do they disappear within this connection?

Answer: Specifically when you disappear, you are found. You exist only in this form when you melt into the connection. Does a mother have anything of her own other than what she provides for her children?

Does she need something of her own? No, that is why she is called a mother, thinking only about the welfare of her children. Bina has nothing of her own. Her upper half belongs to the Sefirot of Keter and Hochma, and her lower half belongs to ZON, and what is left for herself? She only has the point of the Chazeh where Bina calculates how much to rise further and how much to descend further.

The further a person rises up the ladder of levels, the more he will resemble Bina and extend further over all of reality. His entire upper part reaches to the world of Infinity, and his entire lower part encompasses all the lower levels, down to the lowest part. In that way, he covers the entire creation.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/14, The Zohar

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