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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we need to hope for redemption, which is impossible without our hope?

Answer: It is simply necessary to feel how much we need it. As long as we don’t have a deficiency for something, there is no Kli; we are not ready to receive the desired fulfillment.

The Creator is ready to give us gifts as much as we want. He demands only one thing: that we will have a desire for them, otherwise we don’t feel the gifts. If you bring a gift to a person that he doesn’t need, he will not feel any value in it.

So we must attain a deficiency and then we discover that the gift is already found, it’s near us, in the air. The entire space around us is filled with gifts; you simply don’t see and don’t imagine what is happening here. Everything is already found, you only need a deficiency.

It’s like I take off my glasses and don’t see anything in front of me. How is it possible to give some kind of gift to a person in conditions like these? The Upper Light is at absolute rest, but the gift is revealed in a desire that is appropriate for the Light. Prepare your desire and the gift will be revealed.

There is no need to ask the Creator: “Give me, give me!” The moment, I begin to prepare my deficiency, I discover that I am not ready to do this, and then I will ask the Creator: “Help me mold my desire for the gift that you have prepared for me.” And the Creator will help.

But as long as I have not formed the desire, I will not feel the gift. The desire must precisely match the gift, the Light. The redemption will not come as long as I don’t have a complete desire, a need for the Creator, the king of the world, there is no feeling of exile. Separation from the Creator is death for me! He must be discovered in my world; otherwise, I will not be able to get what I need so much.

If I don’t have this feeling of exile, then how can the redemption come? How can the gift be revealed if I don’t have a need for it? I must feel that I am yearning to bestow and am not ready to reach this, so I am obligated to have the Creator save me, reveal His greatness.

I don’t need His revelation, otherwise I would begin to enjoy him egoistically; rather, I need the feeling of His greatness. This is all that I ask! Just as it’s important for me to go on vacation or relax on the beach now, I must constantly think about bestowal and understand that in order to attain it I need the greatness of the Creator.

My desire needs to receive a form that is accommodated to the revelation of the Creator. I want to bestow to the Creator, to feel within my desire how I bestow to Him, and that He has enjoyment from me and bestows to me through this manner. In this way we are together with Him in this intention, in adherence with one another, in mutual bestowal.

It makes no difference who bestows and who receives. The Creator gives and I give; He bestows and I bestow, both of us are equal. It’s not important who is first and who is last if there is love between us, our actions are completely equal. That He is the Creator and I am the creature loses all meaning. Is the infant less important to his mother than she is important to herself?

Question: Does it follow that the Creator also receives?

Answer: The Creator gets pleasure from me. But where does He enjoy if He has no desire to receive? He enjoys my desires! It’s like a mother who enjoys her baby because things are going well for him. Her pleasure is found within the infant.

Now we can understand how great our desire for pleasure is. Within it there is already the desire to bestow of the Upper, and so everything begins and ends with our desire.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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