Connected By Billions Of Forces

laitman_264.01Question: In the new world, in the post-coronavirus era, will each individual feel all eight billion people in the world, as well as the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, plus his dependence on them?

Answer: He will feel not only his dependence, but also his influence on them. As it is said, the good of one person depends on the good of all people, and vice versa, the good of all people depends on everyone.

Question: And will this be clear to any person?

Answer: Not only clear, it will be visible because we will reveal the system of interaction.

We are interconnected by invisible forces that are not felt by us. The wisdom of Kabbalah says that we must unleash these forces of interaction and begin to explore ourselves and the world around us in order to attain complete connection between ourselves at the mental, psychological, and sensual levels.

We must become one, single system so that each one who feels some desire, intention, or thought within himself, feels how much he can change the whole system with these factors because he is a strong, energetic, and an individually developed part.

Question: And a person will not need to believe in this since he will feel it all?

Answer: Of course! Just as I see various small mechanisms in front of me, I will also reveal myself as a part of one huge mechanism. Just as everyone is connected with me through billions of forces that affect me, in the same way, I simultaneously influence them with billions of my properties and qualities.

Question: There is attainment in Kabbalah and there is faith. Even if it seems logical to me, why should I believe in it if I do not feel it?

Answer: There is no need to believe! You just need to investigate it and begin to apply it as we unfold.
From KabTV’s, “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 2/4/20

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