A Gain, Not A Sacrifice

laitman_571.01Question: If I loaned a friend $1,000 but he returned only $1, should I consider it to be $1,000?

Answer: You clearly see that it is $1, but you want to take it as the full amount because you want to justify your friend and rise in faith above knowledge since you are in a spiritual relationship with him.

If you act in this way, if you bestow to your friend, then you build the quality of bestowal within yourself, faith above knowledge. You obtain a spiritual quality.

Question: So, I should not ask him about the rest of the money? Meaning that I value the connection with the Creator so much and with my friend as a means to the connection, that I am willing to sacrifice the money?

Answer: You are not sacrificing, but you are gaining. You are receiving an opportunity from him to ascend to the spiritual degree through faith above knowledge.

The fact is that you are not asking for your money back because you feel that by giving to a friend you are already gaining. But this is only in a case where there is a special relationship between the two of you.

Question: Where do I gain the strength to treat him in this way? How do I come to this?

Answer: You come to this when you feel that by being with him in the same spiritual body, you are neither giving nor receiving; it is all one. By giving to a friend, on the contrary, you have brought deep meaning, great help, and a huge investment into your common spiritual body. And you are thrilled about being able to do so.

Question: And, in all of this, am I not afraid of being tricked? These thoughts do come up.

Answer: If you really are in a ten, in a group, and trying to attain the Creator together, to reach His level, then the opportunity to give to a friend inspires you. What could be better?
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/19

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