Time Of Deep Correction

laitman_938.05Question: Where does the power of the reforming light come from during the workshops? Why didn’t the Kabbalists of the past use workshops?

Answer: Kabbalists of the past used a different method. They did have tens, but they did not work on the connection between them, on delving actively deeper into themselves. The groups of The Ari, Ramchal, and others consisted, as a rule, of five to six people, and they sat and studied quietly.

Our times are very different. This is evident not only at the level of Kabbalists, but in the entire world as well. We are forced to draw closer across continents, to organize conventions and gatherings that we could not even have thought of in the past.

Question: You say that times are different now. What does that matter in relation to an eternal methodology?

Answer: No. The method changes.

The Kli is gradually changing—this enormous sphere called “the soul of Adam,” which we must correct, and which we correct by constantly exploring its inner and more egoistic layers. We see it in our world as well: egoism manifests in it more aggressively, more and more openly and boldly.

Question: Accordingly, does the principle of attracting the reforming light change?

Answer: We attract a strong light that illuminates the deeper layers of egoism. We try to correct it, to connect above it, to somehow organize it, and accordingly, we increase the illumination of the light even more. It happens in a circle.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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