Is It Possible To Understand Kabbalah Through Knowledge?

laitman_963.8Question: If I am not interested in listening to what other participants in the lesson are saying because sometimes they bring outright nonsense, what is the benefit of such lessons for me? I came to listen to the higher one, the Kabbalist, and I am forced to listen to people like me and even worse than me.

Answer: If we are speaking from the point of view of the science Kabbalah, you need to listen to me at least, then open the books written by great Kabbalists and simply study them from beginning to end. If you have a good mechanical memory, then you will remember their content.

But you will not become a Kabbalist just from this because you will not have your place, what is called a Kli, a vessel, in which you can feel the upper world. The upper world becomes known precisely in the connection between simple, even novice Kabbalists, who are trying to be in touch with each other. It is not even so much that they try to be in touch as they try to be in connection. Trying and striving are of utmost importance.

So, it is not about knowledge. Kabbalah does not penetrate a person through knowledge. It touches a person through his feelings and aspirations.

Kabbalistic parameters are felt between people. When I strive toward you, and you strive toward me, and we try to create a certain field of mutual attraction between us, then we begin to reveal the Creator between us in the form of the light called NRNHY.

Therefore, if you are interested in understanding the upper world, then you need to gather with Kabbalists. And if you are only interested in how forces and their actions are called in Kabbalah, then you need to read books. There is nothing more to be said.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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