Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity

laitman_962.1Israel’s duty toward humanity is a very important topic because it determines our entire work directed to the end result: to connect all the created beings into one being in adhesion with the Creator. This process includes internality and externality because there is the Creator and there is the created being, and both these systems consist of internal and external parts.

The internal part of the Creator is Atzmuto, His essence, and the external part is His attitude toward the created beings. The created beings consist of Israel and the nations of the world in proportion to the intensity of the desire remaining after the shattering.

The point that awakens in a person and pulls one to correction is called “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel), Israel. Such a person must receive help from above and also organize one’s environment and work from below.

The purpose of creation is the general end of correction, and therefore, we must yearn for it all the time. This will appeal to the upper force, which wants everyone to know it from the smallest to the greatest. Therefore, we must bring this knowledge to all the nations of the world and provide them with a connection to the force of correction and unity, seeing ourselves in the role of Jonah the Prophet. Although we neither want nor know how to do it, we understand the importance and the greatness of our responsibility to become the light for the nations of the world.

“The end result is in the preliminary thought,” and therefore, we must already see the final goal and the final state, verifying each step by the extent to which we realize this goal. Our whole path is in carrying out the purpose of creation, the final corrected state, by getting closer and closer to it and perfecting ourselves.

The purpose of the big convention in Tel Aviv is to connect the entire worldwide Bnei Baruch group, thus laying the foundation for the general correction of the world.1

We have received spiritual awakening only because it is necessary for our generation, which is obliged to start the correction. Therefore, if we wish to progress, we have to think about who we are working for. We, Israel, are the transitional channel connecting the Creator with the created beings. If we become faithful workers of the Creator and fulfill our mission without thinking about our own reward and destiny but only about giving contentment to the Creator and bring the created beings closer to Him so that He could correct and fulfill them, then we will succeed.

Therefore, we must take into account not our success but only our mission as servants of the Creator and the created beings, and then we can become partners of the Creator in creation. The main thing is to explain our future state to humanity, which already exists in nature and must be revealed. If we are ready for this revelation, we perceive it as good times. But if we are not ready, then nature still leads us through the same states toward the end of correction, but we feel them as unpleasant and we suffer. Therefore, for the benefit of the Creator and the benefit of the created beings, we need to prepare humanity for the next steps and help them constantly increase their connection.2

Why do we discuss these painful questions of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and Nazism if there are so many nice topics in Kabbalah? The fact is that it is for the sake of healing, and the treatment is unpleasant and painful. The festering was internal and now that the doctor is opening it up to cure it; of course, it hurts. However, there is no way out, we need to open this wound and check it in order to understand what we did wrong and how to continue.

The correction is not revealed in the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, but it depends on the human material to the extent that it feels the stages of its development. If we understand how we should develop, we will welcome the doctor’s actions. Even animals tolerate pain if they feel that a person is trying to help them.

However, we should not just tolerate it but rather take part in our own development, and then these stages will become pleasant for us not only in our sensations but will also bring understanding and attainment. We will carry out our own treatment with the help of the upper force. This development will become desirable for us because we will be looking at ourselves from above, wanting to receive the force of bestowal against our egoistic desire.

Otherwise we will see the same catastrophe unfolding as eighty years ago in Germany, knowing what will happen if we do not intervene in the course of events. The path to the end of correction has already been set, but it is possible to walk through it by the path of the light or by the path of suffering—the choice is ours. There is no way to escape from it.

We must draw conclusions from the past history for the future because history always returns, the ten Sefirot are revealed again in our world, it is always the same process. It takes place with new weapons and on a new scale, always bigger and bigger, but the overall image always repeats itself.

Humanity is on the verge of a world war. It is no longer about individual extremist actions but about escaping the global catastrophe—the third world war that Baal HaSulam wrote about. This is not a long-term prospect and can happen at any moment. Once upon a time, war required long preparations, movement of troops, warships, and today it is enough to push a button to destroy half the world.

The increased attacks on the grounds of anti-Semitism are only initial signs of the final process of the general correction of the world through a world war. After all, we live in the last generation, in the era of the end of correction, so it will not be limited to a local war somewhere in Europe as it was before. The war will cover the entire planet, everyone will begin to settle scores with each other. It will be revealed that fifty countries have nuclear weapons, which is unknown at the moment.3

With each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that the world needs to unite; otherwise, it will fall apart. The glue is a connection that can only be achieved by Israel’s example. There is no other way according to the laws of nature.4

People must understand:
1. The key to the entire historical process is in the people of Israel.
2. The sharp reaction of the general egoism of the nations of the world is caused by the fact that the Jews hesitate and do not accelerate the correction.

Now it becomes clear how we must act together: Israel and the nations of the world. Anti-Semitism, hatred toward Jews, in the nations of the world, awakens in order to push the Jews forward.

It is written in Prophets that the nations of the world will lift Israel on their shoulders and bring them to build the Temple. Do you think that Jews will be carried on a tray like a gift? No, it will be in the form of a demand. The people of Israel must feel the need of the nations of the world for correction, for understanding the thought of creation, its purpose. All the troubles of this world are the result of the fact that humanity receives no answer about the cause of its suffering. This is suffering from the lack of the light of Hassadim, the attainment of the Creator, which is also why drugs are so common. This is all because Israel does not carry the upper light through themselves to the nations of the world.

The nations of the world should learn their role, how they should use the negative attitude toward the Jews, the hatred that is awakening in them, and turn it into a demand so that together with the people of Israel, they can perform the correction. The method is in the people of Israel, and the power is in the nations of the world, so we must tread together toward the end of correction.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/19, Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity
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