Spiritual Geography, Part 8

laitman_947Temple— a Place of Connection

Question: Why did Kabbalists travel so much? Why were they leaving their cities, wandering for several years, and then returning? What was this giving them?

Answer: There apparently was such a commandment, an instruction that the Kabbalist was obligated to leave his house and wander on the roads, visit other settlements, get acquainted with nature and people, and see the manifestation of the Creator in everything. This would give him energy and expand his consciousness.

Question: In ancient times, were there temples in many cities?

Answer: There were not temples but simply houses of prayer. There was only one Temple. First it was in Samaria, then in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount, depending on what periods considered.

The Temple is a special place where every person can come, both Jews and non-Jews, and convey to the Creator their hopes, wishes, and requests.

Question: Why was it necessary to come to some specific place?

Answer: It is because in it all geographical and spiritual conditions and human aspirations come together into one point.

Question: As Kabbalah says, a person is connected with the Creator by his heart. Does the Creator feel my heart, my desires?

Answer: Naturally, but in addition, there is also a geographical similarity to the upper world.

Question: Does this mean that there is something in the fact that many people were gathering in one place? What were they doing there? They could not just be sacrificing some animals.

Answer: Sacrifice is the reflection of a person’s desire to stop using his egoism, to stop working with his egoistic self. Therefore, he wants to sacrifice it.

As a result, people were bringing salt, bread, meat, fish, and wine to the Temple. All these products correspond to certain types of desire on which a person makes a restriction. People were praying, asking, roasting meat, eating.

Question: Was this somehow connecting them?

Answer: Yes, of course. The Temple is the place of connection. That is of utmost importance.

Question: Does it mean that as a person sacrifices his egoism for the sake of the other, he shows signs of respect and love for him?

Answer: Imagine that there is a special restaurant where you can come, bring your food or money, it doesn’t matter whatever you have, and you participate in a common meal, common singing, common merriment. This is the place that connects all the people. This is how the Temple always worked.

People of all nations could connect there. The entry was open for everyone.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/28/19

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