World—Reality Or Illusion? Part 5

Laitman_011Expanding the Limits of Perception

Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: Now you can easily conclude that all the names and appellations that appear in books of Kabbalah are indeed real and factual, although we have no attainment in the subject matter whatsoever. It is so because those who engage in it have the complete satisfaction with their inclusive perception of its ultimate wholeness, meaning a mere perception of actions, prompted and born of the association of the Upper Light and its perceivers.

The fact is that there is a limit to our perception. The wisdom of Kabbalah says that you constantly attain deep, wide, enter all vector spaces, and fully reveal them. However, you nevertheless attain only the reality that fills you. And the reality that does not fill you, you do not attain and do not even know whether it exists or not.

Here the question arises: How do Kabbalists know that there is some other reality? Did they attain it themselves? If so, then why don’t they speak about it as yet another additional level of attainment of reality?

It turns out that they place riddles before us or they want to intrigue us somehow, as if they say: “There is something here but I am not telling you.” However, this is not their approach.

We have to reach the quality of bestowal, the quality of the Creator. The Creator positions Himself in relation to us as bestowing, loving, and uniting, rising above us despite our egoism. We, by rising above our egoism, can explore Him, feel Him, and become similar to Him.

How can we make it so that we do not just feel the Creator because of our equivalence to Him, but feel Him not from our own Kelim (Vessels) and qualities? This is a problem.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 9/15/19

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