Mourn The Temple That Hasn’t Yet Been Built In Our Hearts

laitman_961.2The 9th of Av is a day that reflects a very important emphasized state in the development of creation—the shattering. Without this shattering no correction is possible. Therefore, on one hand, it is a joyful event, but on the other hand, it is a day of mourning and contemplating how it was possible to prevent the shattering, or at least, to resist it.

As usual, in spirituality, two opposites are included together in one event. Therefore, we should mourn all the disasters that resulted from the shattering, which was planned in the spiritual roots. Yet, on the other hand, we should rejoice that we have been through the shattering and are in the process of correction. This opportunity is given to us from the time of the Ari, and it is only due to our own negligence that we still have not come out of the shattering to correction.

This is what we must mourn on the 9th day of Av, not the ruin of the Temple that occurred thousands of years ago, but the Temple that still has not been built in our heart, and which is thus as if ruined anew every day. This is the real mourning and catastrophe: why do we still lead to ruin and shattering? After all, it is written, “Each day that the Temple is not resurrected is as if it is destroyed anew.” This is what we should think about.

Instead, we mourn the ruin that occurred 2,000 years ago, as if we are great righteous and those people were wicked since they allowed the ruin of the Temple and the Romans and Egyptians to come to power. It is not for us to judge them, we do not understand what happened back then. All those events were inevitable according to the order of development of the degrees.

However, if today, so many years after the Ari when the time has come and the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed, we still reject Kabbalah and the method of correction, not admitting the need for connection—this is the true shattering within us. The real catastrophe is not the one that happened in the past, but the one that is happening now within us day after day.

Rabbi Akiva called to love one’s neighbor as oneself. However, when the Temple was ruined, he rejoiced, because it meant the beginning of the correction. Therefore, we need to think about the present and the future, and not regret the past.

The past shattering was the result of the upper forces battling with each other. Although we understand that the Temple must be destroyed, we still must resist the shattering. We should disagree with exiting holiness. If you have reached even a drop of spirituality, you should disallow yourself to fall out of it into Klipa.

Therefore, Rabbi Akiva was calling to hold on to “love your neighbor as yourself.” On the other hand, if the shattering has already happened, we must understand that it was for the good and from this moment the correction begins. If the Temple has been ruined, we should not cry about it. Instead, we should begin to restore it with renewed strength.

There is nothing worse than shattering. Yet, only from this shattered state is it possible to rise and be reborn, and therefore, it is good when we discover our shattering. We, again and again, try to connect, but each time we discover how the evil forces are awakening within us even stronger than before. That is, we reveal greater shattering.

It is revealed precisely when I want to connect with the friends and suddenly discover that I cannot do it. All day long I was dreaming about how tomorrow I will meet my friends and there will be a strong connection between us. In the morning, I wake up and do not even remember that there is a gathering today. I forgot everything! All my good intentions crumbled into dust; this is what is called the shattering, this is how it is revealed in us.1

I myself have no strength to resist the shattering. The only way is to become incorporated in the correct environment that has this strength. The friends must hold me and drag me after them and through this, they themselves are strengthened. After all, I was a reason for them to unite for the sake of my salvation. It turns out that I helped the group.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/19, Lesson on the Topic “Tishaa BeAv (Ninth of Av)”
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