Add The Good Force To The Evil Force

laitman_923After the destruction of the Temple and exit from spirituality, people decided to lower their relationships down to the lower degree: instead of an internal connection from heart to heart, they just became outwardly polite to each other. Thus, external laws were created that determine how to act in the field, how to treat someone else’s ox or donkey, and the neighbor’s property, in order at least not to steal from and harm each other.

If it is impossible to connect with the hearts, then at least let us not allow hatred to burst out between us. Therefore, on the earthly, corporeal level, it was necessary to establish all kinds of laws of behavior, which as if reflected the spiritual laws. If there is no love for one’s neighbor as for oneself, then at least do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself.

Thus, relationships were lowered from the level of the heart to the corporeal level of hands, feet, and tongue. Instead of connecting from the entire open heart, we began to follow instructions, checking each time in the book what we should say to the other so as not to offend the other. After all, there was no other way.

It turned out that externally, relationships were extremely polite so as not to offend the other in any way, but internally, each one hated the others and did not want to get near them. But the main law of the Torah is to love your neighbor as yourself.1

Connection is reached not through changing everyone by changing their opinion, understanding, and heart. On the contrary, with all the diversity of opinions, we must rise above all contradictions and connect with each other there. Otherwise, we will never come to unity.

The people of Israel must connect on two levels, as it is written, “love will cover (the second floor) all crimes (the first floor).” Let us learn how to make this tasty sandwich in which love and hate, plus and minus, sweet along with bitter and salty, are combined. One cannot be without the other.

The entire creation should exist in such a form, and this will happen only if the people of Israel implement this correct approach and direct all the others to it. This is why we need to learn how to connect above all differences, hatred, and rejection between us. On one hand, we are ready to strangle each other, but, at the same time, we embrace each other, and we exist between these two states in the middle line.

Therefore, each of us is correct: me, you, and him, we are all right, each in his own way. But for the common truth and justice, it is necessary to rise above everyone in love that covers all the differences. We must learn such faith above reason, the middle line, the ascent above the egoistic human nature. This is called existence on the spiritual level.

As soon as we learn how to do this and exit our egoism, rising above the clouds, above this world, above the force of egoistic reception, we will find ourselves in the open world and begin to feel the spiritual reality.

The correction is to add the good force to the evil, egoistic force. The Creator created the evil force and He will give us the good force at our request. It is said about this: (Prophets, Isaiah 45:7) “Who forms light and creates darkness, Who makes peace and creates evil; I am the Lord, Who makes all these.” That is, everything comes from the Creator. But we need to connect the light and the darkness together so that “the darkness will shine as light.”

The connection between everyone must arise above the hatred because everyone hates everyone else, including himself. Only the wisdom of Kabbalah, which teaches us about the middle line, can teach about such a connection. Inside this sandwich we have built, between the first and the second floor, between hate and love, we reveal the Creator and adhere to Him, achieving eternal and perfect existence.

It is unnecessary to destroy the evil; it is only necessary to understand that it is the foundation to which we must add the good. Therefore, I am ready to meet with anyone who hates me. I do not see him as an opponent but as a partner in achieving a new state to which we all need to come.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/31/19, Tishaa BeAv (Ninth of Av)
1 Minute 5:35
2 Minute 26:30

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