Long Way To The Temple, Part 10

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator’s Tower in the Place of the Tower of Babylon

Question: Modern Israeli society is torn apart by egoism and hatred. It is completely detached. Its systems are rotten and are involved in egoistic games. Everybody cares solely about themselves.

How can the society based on the most negative attitude among its members be brought to the state of connectedness, unity, and love, taking into consideration that it is extremely far from the picture you draw for us?

Answer: It is true: Israeli society is the most egoistic of all. When the people of Israel rise, they can reach a stellar height. However, if they fall, they fall deeper than the rest.

We critically lack unity. It’s obvious! It is good that our drawbacks are openly shown to us. It is wonderful that we know how terrible our state is and how desperately we need unity. The good thing is that we also have the “instruction book” that explains how to achieve it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us steps to attract the higher force of benevolence. It is the science of the Creator’s revelation in this world. The Creator is the power of love and mutual bestowal, the force of unity.

The main thing is to attract and reveal the force of bestowal, love, unity, and mutual inclusion among us. Then, the opposite force, the power of detachment, egoism, in conjunction with the benevolent force will give additional energy.

Strength always comes as a result of the joint work of opposite forces. The bigger the potential difference is, the stronger the discrepancy between a plus and a minus is,  one hundred volts, a thousand volts, a million volts, the greater the power.

If we add a positive power to the huge minus that we have today, we’d connect the entire universe in one unified, joint structure.

Question: Israel is the country where people have the biggest egoism in the world, isn’t it?

Answer: Israel is not just a country. Israel is a nation that previously attained a spiritual level, but then lost it. That’s why it fell so deeply into materiality and has the greatest egoism compared to other nations.

Question: Do we really have a chance to unite considering we have such huge egoism?

Answer: The Jews are the biggest egoists who have a potential to reach unity. There is no other nation that is as egoistic, cruel, shortsighted, and blind when it comes to its mission. This is why we are capable of self-correction and push the entire humanity forward.

It was not an accident that Israel was elevated to a spiritual height and then fell in the abyss of egoism, thus acquiring a chance to correct. When the Jews correct themselves, the entire world is also corrected.

At this time of our historic development, humanity has returned to the state of ancient Babylon, to the Babylonians who nowadays have become the multi-billion of Earth’s population. The people of Israel are not at all numerous; on the contrary, this nation is still quite small, but the Light and abundance can be transmitted through it as through the eye of a needle and can be delivered to all of humanity. The Jewish people possess an enormous power.

The only thing that should be triggered in this world is the power of unity, the upper force of connection and love. It will fill our life with happiness and abundance. The power will balance the existing minus and make the world harmonious, undivided, and benevolent.

The mourning day of the 9th of Av will transform into a day of joy and love, as it is said in the Prophets. Whether it will happen or not depends only on us. We can transform the dark day that stems from a spiritual root of a complete darkness in which the destructions took place: the shattering of the first tablets, the collapse of the First and Second Temples, and endless disasters that happened throughout the Jewish history.

By bringing the power of unity into the existing darkness, we will correct prior destructions and build the Creator’s power, thus elevating the entire humanity to the state of unity. Then, all our world will ascend to the upper, spiritual height. We will ascend to eternal life, the transition to the next dimension. Let it happen!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/5/15

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