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laitman_963.7Question: How should we look at the friends: Are they higher than me, or are we all equal?

Answer: I do not care if they are higher or lower; I am prepared to work in all the stages! I have to relate to them differently.

After all, in the states of reception and bestowal in which we must achieve our unity, there is no higher and lower. There, each one is both higher and lower than the others since each of us has his own special qualities. I must give them to the whole large Kli (vessel), to the entire soul, and receive from it what I need for correct functioning.

Therefore, only when we care about the general state of the soul that is called either Adam or the Creator (depending on what we are talking about—either about the structure of the system itself or about its filling), can we talk about correct work. Only the connection with the Creator, or aspiration for this connection, gives us the basis for the correct work.

Question: Do I need to pay attention to the fact that friends’ aspiration to the Creator is stronger than mine?

Answer: If a person feels this way, it  drives him forward.

It is written: “The end of an act is in the preliminary thought”; that is, it determines the beginning of the action. Therefore, the main thing for me is to determine the Creator: what it is, what I am looking for, where I can go, what I aspire to, what state I see as my goal, and based on this, I will already be looking at what I need for achieving this goal.

Question: When I hold a goal before me, in what am I lower than my friends in the spiritual work in the group?

Answer: If any great Kabbalist finds himself in the smallest group, he will still be in something lower than them because he needs to have a connection with them so that they would influence him with their desires, hopes, and thoughts. He must receive from them their desires and their aspirations.

Without this, he will not be able to actively participate in the group, even if he is the greatest. He needs to be lower than them, to serve them in order to receive their aspiration to the Creator. Then, he will be able to work with these aspirations.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/9/18

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