“Friend” Means Equal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we be equal to others? How can we measure if we are equal? After all, otherwise we can’t be friends and create the conditions for the Creator’s revelation between us.

Answer: You can feel either above or below others, but only those who achieve equality among themselves become friends. In other types of relationships, when you either bestow or receive, you’re not a friend but rather a teacher or a student.

People become equal if they desire simultaneously:

1. To give everything, like an adult to a child, to care for them,

2. They are ready to learn from any friend like a student from a teacher (as it is written, “Mi Kol Talmiday Iskalti” – “I’ve learned from all my students”).

It is precisely by combining these two attitudes toward another that I become equal to him, that is, I become his friend.

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