At War With Illusion

laitman_565.01Right now is a special period of time of the holiday of Hanukkah. But, in essence, Hanukkah is a process that exists until the very end of correction and is experienced at the beginning of every new degree.

Each time new informational records (Reshimot) from the shattering are revealed in us, we need to make a restriction, a screen, and reflected light, all of which is the essence of the Hanukkah correction.

We are always trying to remain within reason, to live according to our earthly intellect and experience, our habitual egoism accepted by this world. But in contrast, we need to build a different form. All that we see, experience, and understand with our hearts and minds is revealed only within our egoistic organs of perception, as it is written: “They have eyes and see not, they have ears but hear not.”

We want to experience what is happening in the desire to bestow, which is called faith above reason, deciding that everything comes from one upper force, the good that does good. And so each moment.

There are moments we are able to do this and other times we are not successful, but this war goes on continuously. Essentially, this is the war of the Maccabees against the Greeks. This war is being waged within reason, within our experience of this world, our rational minds and our philosophies, within our egoistic mind with which we built so many systems of connections between us.

We are fighting to establish a different form of existence, acknowledging that all our sensory experiences and perceptions are wrong. This is a false picture, a false perception of reality, because it appears within the egoistic mind.

Through the perception of reality within our rational minds, we need to try to feel that everything comes from only one, absolutely benevolent upper force. And every form perceived within the mind is only given to us in order to raise us to different perception, to faith above reason.

In other words, we agree that everything comes from the Creator and this is the specific form with which He can bring us to the true perception of reality, to the world of truth. We must try to establish the truth at every moment 24 hours every day, despite all the impressions in one’s earthly feelings and rational mind, which are not subject to doubt, that is, within reason.

Also, we do not run from this rational perception, because “…one against the other He created them.” We do not cross anything out, we only try to process it correctly: one against the other until we are able to develop understanding above reason for each understanding within reason.

That is how we attain the perception of spiritual reality and begin to function on two levels: on the material level, observing all its laws and rules accepted among the people of this world, and also in the true spiritual reality.

Then the upper Light is revealed because we are now able to light the jug of oil according to all the conditions, and in this way, we attain the revelation of the Creator and the upper world.

During the day, one day after the next, and every moment, we must try to see ourselves in this battle, imagining the picture within reason and juxtaposed against it, the picture above reason. This is the war of the Maccabees against the Greeks: Greeks are within reason and the Maccabees are above it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Hanukkah by the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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