How Can You Attract The Most Upper Light?

laitman_938.03Question: What can we do to attract the upper Light as much as possible?

Answer: Just study and interact correctly in the group following Rabash’s advice, that is, put in every effort to make yourself a piece of the team. In essence, we act out the correct society in the correct connections between each other.

Moreover, I understand that I am an egoist and absolutely do not want to humble and restrain myself to connect with others, but I do it.

Question: Are there any objective signs that the Light acts on a person?

Answer: On one hand, a person feels how much he is lower, worse, and not as smart as others. On the other hand, this makes him happy because it brings him closer to the truth when he feels that others are higher than he is. In general, he has to reach a state when he sees everything around him as a revelation of the Creator. There is nothing wrong with it and he does not mind losing himself.

Question: Is it a result of the Light influencing a person when he comes to this feeling?

Answer: Yes, this is already a stronger effect of Light because there is a gradation to infinity.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/30/18

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