Why Are One’s Intentions Hidden?

laitman_552.03Question: The intentions of others are hidden from a person. Why is that? If everything were revealed, life would be easier.

Answer: Then you would be an animal. It is arranged precisely so that people would be able to change themselves by gradually revealing their own intentions, correcting them, and reaching proper connections.

Remark: I am confident that few will agree that people have only egoistic intentions. There are good people and bad people.

My Comment: That is according to your criteria. We are born as absolute egoists. If we evaluate ourselves that way in regard to the spiritual world, we will discover that we are completely corrupted creatures.

Question: Why is it hidden from a person that his or her intentions are egoistic?

Answer: If it were revealed, one would not be able to exist. We would eat ourselves alive. We need to correct ourselves gradually, to the extent that our negative qualities are revealed. We need to compare them to the positive qualities, disclose the various miasmas, problems, and illnesses between us, and treat them.

Question: If I feel the intentions of another person and thereby I realize my own egoistic intention, can that be considered an attainment?

Answer: To some extent, yes
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

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