Outside Of Us Is Only The Creator

laitman_423.02Question: Why should I love my neighbor if, as you say, others do not exist and everything outside of me is only an illusion of my feelings?

Answer: All that is outside of you is the Creator, who appears to you in different, opposite properties to yours. They are specifically manifested as repulsive because on them one has to build his new anti-egoistic vessel (Kli) capable of absorbing all information, not only what seems pleasant to you.

Imagine how much you perceive from what you are feeling right now. You automatically reject all that you do not like, which is unpleasant for you. One turns away from what is unpleasant both externally and internally.

And so much more is hidden from us because our egoism initially does not want it. Therefore, we do not perceive what really exists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/8/18

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