Does The Creator Deceive Us?

laitman_608_02Question: What does the Creator get through the deception of our egoistic feelings in the imaginary reality that He shows us?

Answer: The Creator is not deceiving us. He has placed us within a particular perception where we are very limited and feel everything within us such that we will begin to ascend to another perception and begin to discover what exists outside of our senses.

We need to change our direction and go out of ourselves, becoming equal to what is outside of us, becoming independent, and beginning to develop these senses within us independently according to the degree of our effort.

That is how we begin to perceive the world that is outside of us correctly, not distorted by our egoistic feelings. This is a completely different perception through the characteristic of bestowal.

This is a perception of what is outside of us without coming into contact with it, without “swallowing” it into ourselves. By feeling it and not drawing it into ourselves and to the degree of our equivalence with the characteristics of what is found outside of us, we begin to feel what actually exists outside of us.

In this way, we bring out the property of bestowal, which is called intention. We begin to perceive the environment. The environment doesn’t actually exist. We perceive it according to the degree of the property of bestowal. Then we reach an understanding that this is the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/18/16

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  1. Reality is a temporary imagery of what we see and perceive in phisical realm. In short, reality and existence is what ever written in our DNA at time of birth depending on what you are borne as. For example, a fly sees the world differently to a human. So the question we should ask and explore is source or sources of DNA.

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