In The Field Of Spiritual Information

laitman_250Question: I have been studying for three years, I watch your daily lessons and the evening Zohar lessons. Should I stop studying if I do not have a group?

Answer: Under no circumstances should you stop. One who wishes to spiritually progress should be maximally connected to us—if possible, through a group; if not, then without one. Gradually, however, you will feel a connection with us.

It is a cumulative process that accumulates in a person. In the final stage, the individual starts feeling and understanding what happens within themselves and within the world’s depths. It all works.

Question: If I watch a recorded lesson, will I still receive a small portion of Light from you?

Answer: Yes. It is also not just a small portion of Light. During the morning lesson, a tremendous field of information streams between us, and one who is correctly tuned to it can literally, like a bird, rise and soar on the ascending flow of air.

Watch the lesson recorded or live, just be together with us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/1/18

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