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Rotten thoughts infiltrated the brain—
And the intention went sour.

The Creator became concealed…
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We’re created to attain the wisdom of Kabbalah
Believe it or not
Or better yet—check for yourself!

That’s how The Book of Zohar was written:
They almost killed each other,
But that Book is there for all time

Our correct thoughts and desires, the connection between us that affects us—this is the surrounding light, OM.
What you feel and desire is the animal’s demands, while everything related to your human qualities is in others’ desires.

It’s no secret that the #media thrives on generating hysteria by amplifying celebrities’ insignificant comments into wildfires of public opinion.

It happens in stages: One reaches despair in the realization of his egoistic plans. Through failures and Kabbalah study, he gradually sees that fulfillment is possible by caring for others, bestowal for the sake of reception. Fulfillment can come by thinking of friends, Creator.

From birth, we don’t need the Creator. We build the world with our ego. We put all of nature’s forces to our service. Religions also developed by using the “upper force” for ego’s sake.
Kabbalah: revealing the Creator only in unity of people for the sake of others or the Creator

Mutual guarantee—the law of an integral system’s existence. Connection of its parts, from one degree to the next, along 125 degrees, becomes more and more complex. But the work starts by us accepting the principle of unity in HaVaYaH in mutual guarantee
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The created desire (Soul) is corrected from light desires to heavy ones, forming generations. The first generations attained light (Torah) easily. We, being greater egoists, attain smaller light with greater difficulty, but a huge light shines from us in the forefathers’ desires.

Uniting above the differences
We attain Truth—unity
Above Lies—fragmentation

That’s how we attain
The Creator’s plan
And connection between action and sensation.
From Twitter, 4/29/18

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