Forming Qualities Like The Creator’s

laitman_259.01There is no Creator without creation. If there is no creation, then there is no concept of “Creator” at all—there is abstract upper Light in and of itself, called “Atzmuto” (His Essence). The Creator begins where there is already a certain desire in which, according to its properties, the upper Light can be revealed. Then the concept of the Creator and creation appears.

There is no creation without the Creator and there is no Creator without creation. That is, the upper force only has the form that a person prepares for it, as it is written, “You have made Me” and “My sons have defeated Me.” Our entire work is to prepare a special place for the revelation of the Creator, and it is realized in the ten. To the extent we can connect with each other, in the measure of our unity, we will attract the Light that reforms, which will improve our relations.

The Creator conveys Himself to the creations and helps them in everything so that they will discover Him more and more. The Creator reveals Himself in the ten to the extent we unite our forces and their level. This requires work to overcome, as well as the creation of special forms and qualities that correspond to the Creator.

The creation assumes the properties that the Creator possesses and tries to reproduce them, and the Creator shows the creation whether the creation’s assumptions were correct or not. This is how He teaches us the art of building the forms of creation similar to the Creator, that is, constructing a “human” (“Adam“).

There is no more exalted and interesting work than the disclosure of the Creator in the ten. It captures absolutely everyone, and it is impossible to remain indifferent. After all, we look forward to how we will build and discover the Creator, who will manifest Himself in the measure of our efforts and fill us. 1

The upper Light creates within a desire to enjoy all forms from the beginning to the end, and then disappears to enable us to repeat these actions, and thus study the whole process that we must go through in order to become like the Creator. Similar to a sculptor who creates a sculpture from a piece of marble, we sculpt the Creator from our desire so that it acquires the form of bestowal, and darkness shines like Light.

The forms themselves are not needed, but from them we learn who the Creator is, to whom we are going to become similar. In principle, this was the purpose of creation, and everything else was only the means to bring the creation to the Creator’s level.

Any action in one’s personal life and in the life of the group is meant only to reveal within us the wholeness of the Creator; everything is directed toward the end of correction and moves us toward one goal. And to what extent we will participate in it already depends on us. 2

To the extent that the creation succeeds in awakening the Creator, we feel ourselves as existing, understanding, and sensing. This is the whole meaning of creation. The living body differs from the dead one in that it attains something by itself. That is, everything must be preceded by one’s desire.

The general desire to enjoy is created by the Creator, and its filling, its satisfaction, is also in the Creator’s hands. But to connect the desire with the filling is our task.

Who is a human being? It is one who understands, is aware, prays, and applies efforts to connect the desire with the fulfillment. Why do I want to tie them together? In order to become similar to the upper one, my Creator. For this purpose, I have been given these two forces. On one hand, the desire, and on the other hand, the power of Light. In this work, the creation manifests its desire to resemble the Creator and thus proclaims that “There is none else beside Him.” 3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/18, Preparation for the Convention in New Jersey
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