Religion—The Imaginary “Spiritual Sphere”

Laitman_088Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: However, according to man’s merit, who consists in intellectual preparation, he continued to develop through deeds and suffering, and assumed religion, politics and justice, and finally became civilized.

What does religion mean? It is when a person creates a spiritual world in his egoistic desire, not because of his birth into spirituality, but within himself, within his egoism.

Religion is the reflection of that “spiritual sphere,” which he imagines for himself: angels with wings, the Creator sitting on a cloud, heaven, hell, and so forth. All of this is created inside egoism, for its own benefit.

Indeed, this entire development was placed solely on the shoulders of the better part of society, and the masses followed them like a herd.

Without a doubt, all sciences, arts, education, and religions were established and introduced to the masses so that people would follow qualitative minority like a herd. But even this “head” of humanity is still an egoistic part, which developed  a system of control, achievement, and religious movements for its own benefit, so they could experience maximum comfort in every period of time.

When the masses opened their eyes to take their fate into their hands, they had to revoke all the corrections and laws of the assertive, being religion, justice, and politics. This is because these were only according to the spirit of the assertive, according to their development and for their own good.

Question: In other words, at some point there was a protest from the masses?

Answer: It depends on where and how. Of course there were some serious attempts at uprising, for example, in Christianity: Calvinism, Lutheranism, and other religious movements. In the Christian and Muslim religions there was a serious departure from the initial true aspects of their religions. Then they once again fell into an ever-growing egoism.

The same thing happened in Judaism, which was initially developing under the influence of the altruistic part, Kabbalah, completely detached from the material condition. But then everything died out.

During the time of the Second Temple, the Jews fell completely back into egoism, into mutual hatred, and since that time that is how we exist. We even forgot that at one time we lived by the law of love, and now we dwell in hatred, like in ordinary life. Naturally, we experience ourselves as normal people, even righteous, completely unaware that we are in the purest egoism.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 9/11/17

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