What Do Dreams Mean?

627.2Question: What do dreams mean?

Answer: I heard from Rabash and see it myself from the system of governance that dreams in our world are no more than a consequence of things experienced during the day.

Sometimes, there are prophetic dreams and a person sees something in the future. I also have had such states. This happens because we disconnect from our egoism and rise to the next level where everything already exists: the past, the present and the future. We connect to a flow of information where time does not exist.

Therefore, there are people with increased sensitivity who can really predict the future. There is no need to be a Kabbalist for this.

Question: How can one see the future if everything depends on a person? Does it already exist?

Answer: It exists no matter what a person does. A person changes the future, but it is already prepared.

Question: If we are talking about the end of an action, do we mean the very last action of correction?

Answer: We mean the very last action from what must happen now, according to the plan.

Question: There even is a principle: “We were like unto them that dream.” What is this about?

Answer: When we return to the state of complete correction, we are acting as if in a dream. We cannot imagine how much the upper Light completely controls us.

“We were like unto them that dream” is a phrase from King David’s Psalms. Everything written in Psalms is absolute Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/19/17

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