Who Can Correctly Assess Kabbalah?

laitman_250Question: Only a person who has crossed the Machsom, the figurative border between the material and spiritual worlds, can understand the essence of Kabbalah. Since today only you managed to do this, then only you understand this essence. What can we do?

Answer: First, not only I have succeeded in crossing the Machsom.

Second, how is it possible to correctly assess Kabbalah, the Creator, the system of the universe, and the forces of governance if you are not in this system?

To cross the Machsom means to enter into the spiritual system and to become at least a minimal component of it so that even through the smallest connection with the system one would understand what it is. Otherwise, a person is in some kind of fantasy.

Therefore, naturally, one who did not cross what is called the Machsom—did not create within himself the system of the upper world according to the method of comparing himself with the rest of the friends—does not understand what Kabbalah is talking about.

We feel this even before crossing the Machsom. You cross, you cross; you do not cross, you don’t. And you are either inside or outside, either one or zero. There is nothing else.
From the Kabbalah Lesson In Russian 9/10/17

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