I Do Not Want To Be An Ant!

laitman_929Question: Is it our future to become an “anthill,” from individualism to a herd?

Answer: An “anthill” with consciousness is the collective intelligence, the collective feeling that raises us to the next level.

A person doesn’t become an unconscious ant and doesn’t stop perceiving and understanding himself. He doesn’t lose his individuality, like birds or fish that move in a flock or school.

We remain independent because each one of us is an independent part of all of humanity. He can give to humanity what no one else can provide to the general system, to the one single body.

So, through our inclusion in the special integral connection between us on the level of Adam (Man), we rise to the next level of unity. We begin to feel the hidden sides of nature; awareness of the next level appears in us where we feel the forces that manage the entire world.

This next level has no connection to our world. We need to climb up to it.

When we rise to this next level with our new collective intelligence, with a collective desire, we exist outside of time, space, or change of physical location. We enter into the state of the infinite world, eternal and perfect.

This is not just becoming like ants.

Individuality is not nullified, rather it absorbs all of humanity because, as a fragment of the whole, a person must carry everything within him.

This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about: about the discovery of the maximal and absolute individuality of each one, where one person is equivalent to everyone.
From a lesson in the Russian 7/10/16

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