A Man Who Resembles The Creator

laitman_236_02Question: I haven’t met a man who resembles the Creator yet. What does the expression “a man who resembles the Creator” mean? In what way does he resemble the Creator? Is there a chance that I can meet such a man?

Answer: A man who yearns to resemble the Creator tries to ascend above his nature and wants to resemble the Creator by bestowing unto others and by loving them.

By being part of a ten, I begin to practice exiting myself. By caring for the friends, I seem to fill them by yearning to be inside them, to push them forward, to fill them, to care for them just like for my little babies. I thus become similar to the Creator.

I ask the Creator: “let me understand, give me power, and let me care for them because then I will be like You. I respect You, I love this attribute of Yours, and I want to be like You. Therefore, give me the chance to care for them, and then I will be close to You.” Basically this is the real prayer of a man.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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  1. Well, very nice….. Actually this most likely would be instinctually obvious and well understood by most mothers.

  2. Sometimes i ask myself, how the People from Israel 3000 years before could Change so far, that they now, 3000 laters, are the totally blind & wrong guided sacrifices of Babylon, Baal & Baal-Sebub. For me this is a Kind of mystic, but i appreciate to see The “Benjamin Messiah of Israel” earlier on top of the Mount of olive than Moschiach ben David of Judah reaches Paris. shabat shalom Rabbi.

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