Salvation Is In General Education

laitman_944Question: How do you see the generation that is growing up that toward the year 2030 will become adults and build the new Israel?

Answer: I only know one thing: we need to educate the nation so that they won’t become just a mixed collection of people from all corners of the world, that they truly will become a nation.

For this to happen, we need to educate them in the spirit of unity that goes above the problems, something that is possible to attain only with the help of the system of integral unity, which comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah. I don’t see any other possibility! Otherwise, all of the nations and the countries will crush us! Just as the world decided and determined to re-establish the state of Israel, so it also will decide to cancel it, and nothing will save us!

The only thing that we can do is to become involved with the education of the nation, and thus provide an example to the whole of humanity, to show what education should include on a national scale and to continue to pass on the system of unity to all of humanity since in the integral world where everything is connected in one network, only humanity is in a state of separation. Therefore, we are experiencing two conflicting systems that are leading us to a global world war.

The wisdom of Kabbalah also warns about this. The time has come to understand what the Jewish State is accountable for in its education, in the usage of its historical mission. It is this with which we specifically need to become involved, not in building a prosperous society because that won’t help us to survive.

Question: Many are convinced that the nation of Israel survived all through history thanks to its culture and customs, including its religion.

Answer: All of that was prior to the Holocaust and the expulsion to exile! Therefore, it’s not worthwhile to reassure ourselves that it will help.

Question: What does it mean that Judaism won’t be maintained?

Answer: If we don’t carry out our mission, don’t come to connection and unity, then from above this opportunity will be taken from us and we will be forced to scatter around the world. Some of us will be destroyed, and some will be assimilated among other nations.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Independence Day” 4/30/16

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