New Life 495 – How Can We Control Luck?

New Life 495 – How Can We Control Luck?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Life in modern times is very dynamic and by nature we are forced to balance it with  confidence and control so that in various life situations we will be happy to feel doors are open before us. How can we control luck?

Leading figures in politics, wealthy people, or world leaders would be very happy to maintain their positions, but we are gradually discovering that the world today operates according to different laws that do not depend on them. Our growing awareness requires the world to change with regard to us, but reality, or what you may call fate or luck, invites us to change and to develop.

A Little Bit of Luck

The word “luck,” “Mazel” in Hebrew, stems from the root “to drip”, and refers to a force that drips on us bit by bit and guides us to develop in the right way, helping us to advance correctly toward the spiritual goal. According to the Torah, we can control our fate or our luck according to the rule that Israel are above the stars and fate. What does that mean?

Israel refers to every person who aims at Yashar-El, which means at resembling the Creator, the general upper force of nature, the good and benevolent force, the force of love and giving. A person aims at that goal like a pilot who checks all the data he has while preparing for and during a flight: the different pressures, his location, the route, etc. He constantly adjusts his path and navigates in order to bring the passengers safely to their destination.

A person who wants to discover the upper force and to improve his life also constantly checks himself every step of the way. When he is ready to advance toward the spiritual goal the luck force puts delicate pressure on him, guiding him and enabling him to advance smoothly. The same luck force continues to guide him toward the final destination, fine tuning his advancement more and more. A person who focuses on the goal correctly feels that the luck force pushes him forward in a nice and pleasant manner.

The Changing Technique

What is it exactly that the luck force guides? Here is some background: man is basically a desire to receive pleasure and joy, an egoist who cannot easily change his desires and his perspective. This is where the luck force, the developing force, comes in. The luck force helps a person feel and understand the need for a change; this force helps a person change his attitude.

Luck gradually turns the egoistic desire to receive pleasure at the expense of others to a desire to give and to love others. The more a person changes his perception, the more loving he becomes and the more he begins to see and feel a better more beautiful world. This transition sounds unnatural, and rightly so. After all, it is about restarting a person’s attitude.

So how can we prepare ourselves to changing our luck for the better? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah it is possible only if we organize the right environment, which will promote values of love of others. Such an environment is built of a group of friends who have a clear goal toward which everyone helps each other advance more easily, more gladly, and by mutually supporting each other. Thus a person acquires the luck that helps him advance consciously, and gradually develops more love and giving to others, a new attitude to himself and to his environment.

Heaven on Earth

A person can develop during his lifetime. A person’s internal development from egoistic self-love, called this world, is a natural, normal state from which we begin to live our lives. We can develop toward our ideal state, toward the goal of love of others, and use the luck force correctly. Changing our attitude toward others and feeling greater love and bestowal is called the next world.

The change a person undergoes by changing his intention from self-love to love of others is called the transition from this world to the next world. In this state a person begins to feel that he is unlimited, about to enter heaven. There are no limits to love and bestowal, and a person feels that he is in an infinite dimension in which everything is good, for his own good.

In summary, the goal of life is to teach us to love, no more, no less. The more we try to resemble the force of love and giving, the more will be worthy of being called Israel, straight toward the upper force, and the more the luck force will operate on us, helping us gradually connect to the upper force, to heaven, without any limitations, until we feel eternity and wholeness.
From KabTV’s “New Life 495 – How Can We Control Luck?” 1/8/15

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